Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering
Henry G. "Buddy" Kleemeier ’66

Henry Kleemeier Henry G. ‘Buddy’ Kleemeier is President and Chief Executive Officer of Kaiser-Francis Oil Company. Kaiser-Francis is a privately owned independent exploration and production company with headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kaiser-Francis and its subsidiaries operate producing properties in thirteen states and two provinces in Canada.

Kleemeier is also involved with the management of Excelerate Energy, which operates the world’s first two offshore deep water ports for LNG. Gulf Gateway is 116 miles off Sabine Pass, and Northeast Gateway is 12 miles off shore from Boston, Massachusetts. Excelerate also operates LNG ports in UK, Argentina and Kuwait.

Mr. Kleemeier has served as chairman of the Natural Gas Committee and is Immediate Past Chairman of the Independent Petroleum Association Of America.

Mr. Kleemeier graduated from Texas A&M University in 1966 with a degree in Petroleum Engineering. He is a native Texan, having grown up in Houston, but has resided in Oklahoma for more than 30 years.

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